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The Technology

We wanted to create a popper that was as easy to use as microwave popcorn. In a normal pan, the area the heat and oil reside in is the same area that the popped kernel sits in. Our concept was to use the kinetic energy of the popping kernel to move the corn out of the oil and into a "lifting zone." The unpopped kernels stay in the "popping zone."  To test our theory, we machined 14 different mini designs testing each one on how well they performed. This proved our theory that a unique topography could create a better pan. From these variations, we refined what we believe is the ultimate design, the Apollo Popper.

Our Story

Apollo Design is a group of midwestern inventors, artists, and designers working to make your ideas a reality. Everything at Apollo Design is designed in house and assembled or manufactured at our facility in Indiana, employing U.S. workers to make U.S. products. We are here to offer our creative expertise and manufacturing capability to help you celebrate those big moments and create keepsakes for those cherished experiences.

"You Dream It,
We Make It"

Joel Nichols, Founder