Collection: Designer Series | DesignScapes®

Apollo DesignScapes® is proud to bring you our Designer Series featuring Eric Lash Photography (, Tom Park Photography( ), and Talitha Shipman Illustrations (

Eric always knew he was an artist. With the birth of his daughter, he purchased his first DSLR camera and fell in love with photography.

We first discovered Tom’s stunning underwater photography on Instagram. We fell head over fins for his keen eye for detail and positive approach to life above and below the blue line. He’s a top bloke, mate.

Talitha is well-known inside and outside the walls of Apollo Design®. Before going on her own as an illustrator, Talitha worked as a visual media designer for Apollo’s sister company, Blue Pony. We’re proud to represent her work on DesignScapes®.

We think you’re going to love these artists and the creativity they bring to your standard fluorescent ceiling lights.