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DesignScapes® are decorative fluorescent light cover inserts that fit standard 2' x 4' fluorescent light fixture covers. The decorative inserts fit on top of the diffuser or light cover, making them easy to install or replace with a new design. Proudly made in the U.S.A.    

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Apollo DesignScapes® provide an easy, affordable way to brighten moods, enhance productivity and help reduce stress in nearly any setting: waiting rooms, doctor and dentists’ offices, hospitals, schools, dorms, daycares, office, libraries, salons, fitness centers – anywhere you find fluorescent light fixtures.

Reduce Headaches Caused By Eyestrain With Apollo DesignScapes®

Apollo DesignScapes® are now available in over 500 standard options! Browse our standard options as well as take a look at our option for a custom DesignScapes®. Reduce fluorescent light glare and flicker with DesignScapes® light covers. Office Workers seeking migraine relief have found it here!

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Is Beautiful, Budget-Friendly

DesignScapes® are decorative fluorescent light cover inserts that fit standard fluorescent light fixture covers. Choose from more than 175 scenic designs: from “faux skylight” azure skies filled with billowy clouds to cool, leafy glades in sun-dappled forests, from a vast aquarium teeming with exotic sea life to constellations at play in starry heavens and many more.

Competitively priced, DesignScapes® offer an attractive, economical way to soften the glare of fluorescent light.


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