Apollo DesignScapes Installation

In this video we provide a step-by-step tutorial to show you how easy it is to install your Apollo DesignScapes.

Before you begin to install the Apollo DesignScape please make sure you take the proper care in selecting the right equipment such as a ladder to access the fluorescent light.

To install the DesignScape you will want to open the light cover and gain access to the fixture to place the fluorescent light cover insert.  To do this there are usually two latches or tabs you engage to unlock the fluorescent light frame and the diffuser.  You may need to use a screw driver in this step.  Next gently lower the frame as it should be connected on the opposite side and swing downward.

Fluorescent Light Ccover Insert

The fluorescent light cover insert will arrive in it's protective tube or box.  Simply remove the Apollo DesignScape decorative ceiling light cover from the packaging and place the DesignScape with the artwork side down (this artwork will be away from the light) on top of the plastic diffuser cover.  There is no need to remove the diffuser cover.

Apollo Designcapes inserted on to fluorescent light cover

With the Apollo DesignScape fluorescent light cover insert in place you will gently raise the frame and lock back in the latches or tabs of the fluorescent light cover.

 ApolloDesignscapes ready to close up fluorescent light cover

Click the button below to view a pictorial pdf of the installation instructions.

Installation Guide Pdf Download
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