Custom DesignScapes®

Perhaps You Prefer an Even More Personal Touch

“Putting your name up in lights” is the ultimate statement of individuality; a bold celebration of success. Now you can take it up a notch. Custom DesignScapes® allow you to put yourself up in lights. That is, you can fill a room with photos of yourself, your family, beloved pets, and, well, any image that reflects who you are. Our customers appreciate the distinctive touch it lends to homes and offices.

Send Us Your Designs …

Custom DesignScapes® can be created from virtually any photo or graphic. Maybe you’d like images of a special memory throughout the room. It might be a wedding photo, a snapshot recalling a dream vacation, a first birthday or a hundredth birthday. It might be a “selfie” with a VIP or at a spectacular destination. It could also be a favorite saying or quote. Let your imagination free and create your personal masterpiece! Choose acquaintances, experiences or interests that say, “This is me.”

… Have Us Create Or Purchase an Image

If you can’t find a photo or graphic in your personal collection that fits the bill, you are invited to ask us to create one or you can purchase images from royalty free sites.

Fine Print: Please carefully review the copyright information on these sites. You are responsible for the proper use of the image.

If you submit a copyrighted image, please complete the following Copyright Permission Release and email to Apollo Design is not responsible for the misuse of any copyrighted image used for custom DesignScapes®.