Apollo Popper

Popping Passion

Joel Nichols has had a lifelong passion for making stove top popcorn. Popping has been about time with family and friends, creating memories and slowing life down. Enjoying the unique flavors of stove top popcorn, other popping styles never taste as good. A life long tinkerer Joel wanted to build a better, simpler stove top popper, the Apollo Popper. Our patented popping technology works amazingly well!  Don't take our word for it you really need to try this for yourself.

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The Popping Zone!

The Popping Zone

Not a normal pan, the curved bottom creates popping and lifting zones. Popping with it you discover how well it really works. The popping zone keeps the unpopped kernals in the oil and heat. The lifting zone, in the center, helps move the popped kernels away from the hot oil lowering the chance of burning while waiting on other kernels to pop.

Popping Zone In Action

The Aha Moment

Popper Sketch

We wanted to create a popper that was as easy to use as microwave popcorn. In a normal pan, the area the heat and oil reside in is the same area that the popped kernel sits in. Our concept was to use the kinetic energy of the popping kernel to move the corn out of the oil and into a "lifting zone." The unpopped kernels stay in the "popping zone."  To test our theory, we machined 14 different mini designs testing each one on how well they performed. This proved our theory that a unique topography could create a better pan. From these variations, we refined what we believe is the ultimate design, the Apollo Popper.

 Popper CAD Drawing

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Vented Lid

Vented Lid

The lid's knob is designed to vent the steam released by the kernels during popping. This allows the steam and moisture to escape while still protecting your hands, making for extra crisp popcorn.


The Design Process

Concepts, testing, prototypes. More changes and more testing. Frustrating surprises, hiccups and vetting manufacturing partners. It is all part of the process, challenging ourselves to build a better stove top popper. The final design has made it all worth it!!!

Enjoy the pics for a glimpse into our journey.

Design ProcessPopper Prototyping

Today's Poppers

Popper designs haven't changed in decades. They are overly mechanical, hard to clean and use, the whole process complicated. Microwave popcorn has taken over much of the market because of its ease of use. We wanted to design a popcorn popper as easy to use as fixing microwave popcorn, better tasting, lower cost per serving and better for the environment. It is time to awaken the market to popping corn on the stove with a better Popper design. 

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Microwave Bags = Waste

Bag Waste

There are over 15 billion quarts of popcorn consumed annually, much of it ends up in microwave bags, which are not recyclable. This means as much as 20 million pounds of solid waste. We can reduce this with stove top popping and reusable containers.

The Farm to Table Flavors

Farm To Table Flavors

From farm to table, popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks. The Apollo Popper allows you total control. The portion size, oil, corn variety, and seasonings are up to you, the popcorn artist. The Apollo Popper is the first step in your journey to becoming a Popista. 

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Your Popcorn, Your Way

You're In Control Of Your Popcorn

Popcorn Nutritional Information

Sourced popcorn.org 

Total Portion Control

Portion Control

1 pan 3 sizes 

It is easy to change portion sizes by just putting less corn and oil in the popper. The curved bottom helps you maintain the oil to corn ratios for a consistent taste. 

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Creating Memories

Pop Some Memories

Start creating memories with family and friends by popping with the Apollo Popper.

 Apollo Popper Timeline

The Team

Apollo Popper Team

Apollo Popper Team 

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Apollo Popper On The Stove Top

Environmental commitments

Long-lasting design

This is built using heavy duty surgical grade stainless steel for a life time of use. Something you can pass on to the next generation of stove poppers.

Reusability and recyclability

We designed this popper to be passed on from generation to generation leaving the lowest environmental impact. Popping popcorn on a stove creates a much smaller environmental foot print than most other snacks. The popper itself is 100% recyclable, but we hope you love it so much this never happens.

Sustainable materials

The Apollo Popper body is 100% stainless steel. We selected stainless steel for its strong performance and sustainability that can last for generations.

Environmentally friendly factories

The Apollo Popper is made in the USA with all final assembly and inspection at our facility. This allows us to develop a close relationship with our manufacturing partners and maintain environmentally friendly practices through the supply chain.


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