An Apollo Popper Personalization Christmas Story

Santa Claus Searching For the Apollo Popper

The Apollo Popper as you all know for a limited time comes with the option for free personalization.  Again we want to thank our good friends at Apollo MFG for the laser marking they have been applying for the many personalization requests we have received for their Apollo Popper.  The level of creativity and cleverness has inspired us to write a Christmas Story that include some of the inventive personalization's for the Apollo Popper we have received (The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town, Folks hustled and bustled, with gifts still unfound. The Torren family, in a last-minute dash, Sought presents and joy in a holiday flash.

Rita's Super Duper Popcorn Popper was their quest, For their movie nights, it'd surely be the best. They hurried through streets with no time to spare, In search of the perfect gift, beyond compare.

At the mall, they dashed, the place was alive, With shoppers like bees in a bustling hive. "Popcorn Time!" cried Rita with glee, Finding the Apollo Popper for Torren Family Movie Night's spree.

But alas, in the rush, they'd lost their way, Amongst The Julie Hoff Collection's array. They stumbled on beans, popped smooshkin they seemed, A messy mishap, or so it all seemed.

With Reynolds Popper and aisles aplenty, They searched for the Apollo Popper, feeling quite empty. Then a jolly old man with a twinkle in his eye, Said, "I know where your treasure does lie."

"The Beilein's have one, Mr. Harry Popperton too, Both just bought the last; this I swear to you." So off they dashed, with hope rekindled bright, To find the prized Apollo Popper on this eventful night.

In a corner, they saw it, shining and neat, The prized popcorn popper, oh what a treat! With joy in their hearts and relief on their faces, They knew they'd found love in the holiday spaces.

Back home, they gathered, the Torren clan, For their movie night, the perfect plan. Popped Smooshkin Beans aside, forgotten and soon, The popcorn filled air, under the silvery moon.

And so, the moral is clear and sound, In the rush of the holidays, joy can be found. For in family and laughter, the true treasures gleam, Merry Christmas to all, in this joyous dream.

There is still time to get your personalized Apollo Popper at a great price for the 2023 holiday season.  To learn more about the technology used and how easy the Apollo Popper is to use check the Apollo Popper Technology or get yours today.


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