How to Clean and Care for Your Apollo Popper

Apollo Popper

Now that you own and have used the world’s greatest stovetop popcorn popper the Apollo Popper how should you wash and clean it? The Apollo Popper is built to last and maintaining the sparkling beauty of the Apollo Popper stainless steel cookware and it’s brilliant finish is simple. While there are many different methods for caring for your stainless steel cookware, we will focus on what the Apollo Popper does best and that is what to do after popping a batch of delicious popcorn.

Fortunately the Apollo Popper does not have a bunch of moving parts that over time can get warn and grimy and this helps keeping the stainless steel pan cleaning process a simpler one.  After preparing the popcorn, the stainless steel Apollo Popper can be cleaned in just a few steps.  Let the pan cool down to where it can be handled. Simple soap and water will remove the residue, if any, that has adhered to the surface of the pan. A non-abrasive scrubber or rubber spatula can loosen any oil or popcorn, and truly, it’s so simple to rinse and hand wash this stainless steel pan, that in just a few minutes the Apollo Popper is clean.

The superior surface on the stainless steel Apollo Popper retains its finish so beautifully, that often, just a rinse of hot water is sufficient to clean the surface. However, the important thing to remember is to keep the temperature at medium or lower, because of the innovative shape and construction designed by the engineers at Avid Labs, heat is conducted evenly and quickly, and retained for lengthy periods throughout the stainless steel cookware.

Restoring your stainless steel Apollo Popper to its original, immaculate look is relatively simple. Removing dried or burned oil and popcorn is easy, just add water, heat it over medium and let the pan sit for about 5-6 minutes, then rinse and wash it as you normally would.

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