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DesignScape - 2'x4' Owl

DesignScape - 2'x4' Owl

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Owls are the night-time ninjas of the bird world. Their large eyes take up most of their skulls, giving them the ultimate night vision. Silent flyers, they've got specially designed feathers to muffle wing sounds. Owls can rotate their heads almost 270 degrees, making them the neck-flex champions. These wise birds regurgitate pellets containing indigestible parts like bones. Hoot hoot, they're the cool cats of the avian realm!


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  • Have a design you would like to see come to light? Send us your design or have us help you create it. You can create your own custom fluorescent light cover insert. custom DesignScapes®.
  • Our fluorescent light cover inserts are easy to install. Simply open the fixture and place the DesignScape on the diffuser and close it. Done!
  • Printed with an eco-friendly water-based ink on a 5 mil lightweight, durable polyester film with UV inhibitors designed to prevent yellowing and retain rich, vibrant colors.
  • Our DesignScapes are made to order and ship fresh off of the production line.
  • Proudly Made in U.S.A.