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DesignScape - 2'x4' Shark Left

DesignScape - 2'x4' Shark Left

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If you ever encounter a shark, it’s important to stay calm and avoid panicking. Sharks are not typically interested in humans as prey, but they may attack if they feel threatened or confused. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in close proximity to a shark:

  • Stay calm: Thrashing around in a panic can make you look like an easy meal to a shark. Instead, try to remain calm and avoid making sudden movements.
  • Keep your eyes on the shark: Sharks prefer the element of surprise, so keeping your eyes on the shark can help deter it from attacking.
  • Be prepared to fight back: If a shark is dead set on attacking you, there are several weak spots you can target that may increase your chances of getting away. The eyes, nose, and gills are all highly sensitive areas that may cause a shark to release you if bitten.
  • Avoid swimming at feeding time: Sharks tend to be active and hunt around dawn and dusk, so it is best to stay out of the water at these times.
  • Buy 2 DesignScapes® and give one of them to the shark.

Remember, the best way to avoid a shark encounter is to stay out of the water. If you do decide to go swimming, make sure to follow all safety guidelines and be aware of your surroundings.


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  • Have a design you would like to see come to light? Send us your design or have us help you create it. You can create your own custom fluorescent light cover insert. custom DesignScapes®.
  • Our fluorescent light cover inserts are easy to install. Simply open the fixture and place the DesignScape on the diffuser and close it. Done!
  • Printed with an eco-friendly water-based ink on a 5 mil lightweight, durable polyester film with UV inhibitors designed to prevent yellowing and retain rich, vibrant colors.
  • Our DesignScapes are made to order and ship fresh off of the production line.
  • Proudly Made in U.S.A.